Screen Icons
Discover Compat Ella®’s screen by pointing to each symbol with your mouse.
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    Pump Status
    & Colours
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    Pump Rear
  • Battery Charge Level
  • 4 bars means the battery is fully charged.

  • Plugged into AC Power
  • Full recharge time = approx. 6 hours.

  • Keypad Locked
  • The keypad is locked to prevent unintentional button presses.

  • Interval Mode Activated
  • Indicates that the pump is operating in the interval mode.

    Interval mode should only be activated by qualified health care professionals.

  • Tube Feed Container Empty / Air in Line
  • Shows when the nutrition container is empty or if excessive air is found within the system.

    See alarms section for further explanation.

  • Alarm Bell
  • Indicates an issue with the nutritional feeding program.

    See alarms section for further explanation.

  • Main Info
  • Displays alpha numerical values for programming and alarms.

  • Run Icon with Occlusion Indicators
  • The green arrow segments light sequentially when the pump runs normally.

    The red X indicates the location of any occlusion or blockage.

  • Main Info Label
  • mL, hr or mL/hr

  • Text Messages
  • Provides miscellaneous info on pump status, programming and alarms.

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