Pump Front
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  • Zone 1
  • Zone 2
  • Zone 3
  • Zone 4
  • Zone 5
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    Pump Front
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  3. icons.jpg
    Screen Icons
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  5. color-screens.jpg
    Pump Status
    & Colours
  6. pump-rear.jpg
    Pump Rear
  • Administration Sets Available
  • • Spike set with ENPlus
    • 1.5-Liter bag set
    • Universal nutrition connector set
    • Double spike set

    All administration sets have an Auto-Anti-Free-Flow (AAFF) safety feature automatically activated until the set is correctly inserted in the pump and the door is closed.

    Product availability might vary locally.

  • Pump Door and Door Latch
  • Open the door to clean the alarm sensors, view set holder, and insert administration set.

  • Icon-Based Keypad
  • Intuitive button function recognition and ergonomic U-shaped button layout.

    See keypad section for further explanation.

  • AC Power Status Light
  • Solid green = pump is plugged into the AC power.

  • Colour Screen
  • Colours are used to help identify pump status and highlight on-screen information.

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